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The Case® Besh Wedge Stands Ready to Serve a New Generation

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Bradford, PA – W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company is proud to announce the Case® BESH Wedge, a modern fixed blade that was designed by Brent Beshara and inspired by Case’s V-42 of World War II fame. The Case® BESH Wedge is suitable for members of law enforcement and security communities, those in active military service, as well as knife and militaria collectors. The revolutionary Case® BESH Wedge blends modern technology with optimal performance and utility. Its unique blade design is composed of two diagonally-opposed bevels that converge to form a third cutting edge. This unique geometry provides a stronger point profile that overcomes tip weakness found in more conventional blade designs. The Case® BESH Wedge showcases a 6-1/2 inch (16.5 cm), dual-edged fixed blade that’s made from Case Tru-Sharp™ surgical steel. The blade is BESH Wedge-ground and treated with a matte blast finish. The unique ‘thumb print’ impression at the blade’s ricasso is reminiscent of Case’s World War II-era V-42, which Beshara used as the inspiration for his modern design. The knife’s full tang construction and protective finger guard provide stability and control, while its distributed weight provides a comfortable, yet responsive feel. The ergonomic handle with Earth Brown G-10 textured scales, along with aggressive notching around the handle’s edge, allow for a comfortable grip. Removable screws allow the user to replace the outfitted handle grips with a personalized paracord wrap. The knife’s design also integrates a flattened end pommel with a lanyard hole for convenient storage. Overall, the Case® BESH Wedge measures 12 inches (30.5 cm) in length and weighs 6.5 oz (184.3 g). The Case® BESH Wedge comes packaged with a tough, precision-molded sheath made by Blade-Tech™ and an integrated Tek-Lok™ attachment which allows for belt carrying at widths of up to one-quarter inch. The sheath and belt attachment add a combined 4.1 oz (116.2 g) to the complete knife package.

ABOUT BRENT BESHARA Brent Beshara combines his experience as a member of the Canadian Special Forces with his aptitude for engineering to create revolutionary knives through better blade geometry. His designs and other related industry contributions have established him as a leader among knife makers, educators and self-defense specialists. Beshara is a former apprentice of Master Bladesmith Wally Hayes.

This Case Knife…. Comes With History

It is the Case V-42 Fighting Stiletto, manufactured by W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery in the early years of WWII and government issued to America’s "First Special Service Force” or the “FSSF.”

The enemy had a different moniker for these fierce fighters…the enemy referred to the FSSF as “The Black Devils.” Dropped in from silent gliders, behind enemy lines under cover of darkness with their faces painted black to blend in with the nighttime, the enemy never knew where the FSSF would appear. With their special tactics, and assignments, they were instrumental in helping to bring victory to the Allied Forces, each with their Case V-42 Stiletto by their side.

It makes us proud to be Americans when we think of the bravery and courage of these valiant patriots. And proud, too, to be able to offer to you this authentic reproduction Case Knife that is still “Made in America!”

The release of W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery’s reproduction of the V-42 Fighting Stilettos - made as closely as humanly possible to the original issue in 1942-will be later in 2015.

You can pre-order now so you won’t miss the inaugural release of this historic Case knife that carries so much history with it.

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The FSSF was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal in early February, 2015. FSSF member, Gene Gutierrez on the left, represents the U.S. in accepting this most deserved honor with FSSF member Charles Mann representing Canada on the right.

Tony Talks “Teardrops” ( Watch the Video )

Tony Talks “Teardrops”
We always enjoy Tony’s insights and we thought y’all would, too! In this short video clip, Rod Reid of Shepherd Hills introduces Tony Bose who takes a few minutes out at the recent Bose-Reid Tour in Eddyville, KY to chat on camera with our Founder and President, Ida Reid. Tony gives us a bit of background and his thoughts on the newest pattern release—the Teardrop—which was a project he collaborated on with W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery. You’ll also get a peek at the one-of-a-kind Pearl Bose-Reid Teardrop that was our Grand Prize at this event. Click on the image above to view the video.

Back in 1972 Along Route 66 Shepherd Hills Began

Original Shepherd Hills
Shepherd Hills began in 1972 when Ida Reid along with her husband, Rea; and sons, Rod and Randy decided to open a small gift shop as part of an already established motel, the Shepherd Hills Motel in Lebanon, MO.  The location was well-known by the Reids as they had operated the Capri Motel in that very same spot during the 1960’s.

Sitting right along the famous Route 66 which became I-44 , the location made it easy to cater to  tourists who were visiting the area or following the advice of the old jingle ♫“See the U.S.A. in a Chevrolet”  ♫ ad campaign that had been popular as people began to explore the states by way of Route 66. 

From the beginning, Shepherd Hills’ hallmark has been to provide high quality products with customer service that is unsurpassed. Genuinely treating customers with the respect they deserve and providing them with an opportunity to buy quality goods at reasonable prices prompted many travelers to stop in each time they came through the area. It wasn’t long before Shepherd Hills became a “must do” as folks planned their trips through the Ozarks.

Accenting the resources of the Ozarks area around Lebanon in the early days, Shepherd Hills became known for their “Walnut Bowls” (as Missouri has over 60% of all the walnut in the nation) and Frankoma pottery
(pottery made by the Frank family in Oklahoma). These were the main lines among other quality items offered by Shepherd Hills that would make a good memento of a trip through the Ozarks.

As time went on, Shepherd Hills added additional locations including those  in Osage Beach, MO, Branson, MO, and Eddyville, KY , and brought in other quality products  to the lineup including Chicago Cutlery, Denby Pottery, and of course Case XX pocketknives-- making the latter also available through catalog mail order and eventually on the web at 

We have been representing Case XX since the early 90's, enjoying the adventure of  having many Case XX knives made exclusively for Shepherd Hills,  coming up with new designs i.e. “The Beast” our first multi-blade made by Case in 1996, “Big Chief”. “Big Nut”, “Jaguar”  et al., and new handle materials including “Bubba Gum”, “Giraffe Bone”, “Mammoth Ivory”, “Lizardskin”, and “Indian Paintbrush” among others.  And the saga continues today, with the adventure as real as ever---you gotta know we always have a few Case XX surprises in the works.

Lots of things have changed since 1972… but what hasn’t changed is Shepherd Hills’ commitment to quality and the “treat you how we would want to be treated” customer service.  

That’s why we are very happy and proud to be associated with W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery---what we believe is the finest pocketknife you can buy---, working our way to the  honor of the “World’s Largest Case XX Collectible Dealer” .

We want to thank you for helping us  achieve that position and want you, our customer, to know that much of the satisfaction of being in this role is created by having the opportunity to work with the myriad of people we have met , either by phone, email  or in person, that are Case knife enthusiasts or Case knife collectors. 

We can say with confident assurance, cause we know first hand, Case knife enthusiasts truly are some of the nicest people in the world.  We thank you for your patronage and your friendship.

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