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W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company
Comprehensive Dictionary

Authored by Shirley Boser

Hafting - The manufacturing process of grinding a newly assembled knife, turning and shaping the handles, and preparing it for the finishing operations of buffing and honing.
Half Whittler - A two-blade Whittler pattern. Originally the Half Whittlers were started with Case's 6208 1/2; a two-blade pen knife with a clip master blade.
Hard Rubber - A fairly rare handle material used years ago that is very durable and nonflammable. It is called "slick black" when smooth and "rough black" when jigged.
Hardness - A term used to describe steel's tendency to resist indentation. (Measured by Rockwell Hardness Test.)
Hawbaker Special - A knife designed by S. Stanley Hawbaker and made by Case between 1961-1982. This was a Muskrat knife with a clip blade and a large sheepfoot or a wharncliffe blade.
Hawkbill - A blade used for pruning, or a term used for a knife with a Hawkbill pruning blade.
Heat Treat - The manufacturing process used to harden steel. W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company uses two processes, one for stainless steel and one for chrome vanadium.
High Art - The manufacturing process of applying photos under clear celluloid handle material on knives; such as Case's HA199_SSP.
High-Carbon Steel - A term used to describe steel that contains at least .60% carbon.
Hobo Knives - Term that applies to slot knives that typically have a knife, fork, and possibly spoon. The scales slide apart for individual utensil use and when finished, slid together again to form the pocketknife. Another application for collectors of older patterns would be the interchangeable blade hunting knives.
Hollow Ground - A term used for concave grind.
Honing - The manufacturing process of sharpening an edge on a knife.
Hunting Knife - A knife used by a hunter for cleaning game or for sport, usually a fixed blade or a folding hunter pocketknife.

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