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W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company
Comprehensive Dictionary

Authored by Shirley Boser

Paccawood or Pakkawood - A term used to describe a laminated hardwood.
Panel - An insert for a display case that displays the product.
Paper Micarta (See Micarta) - The laminated process for paper Micarta makes the material very tough. This handle material is often mistaken for ivory and can be produced in different colors or used for scrimshaw.
Pattern Number - The model number a manufacturer applies to the knife pattern. Case stamps the pattern number into secondary blades or the main blade either on the mark or pile side.
Paua - An edible mollusk having a shell lined with greenish mother-of-pearl found mainly in New Zealand. The shell is used for knife handle material and also for jewelry.
Peachseed Bone - A jigging pattern used on bone. Peachseed jigging has the texture of a peach pit.
Pen Blade - A small secondary blade used for light work. It was originally engineered to cut and sharpen turkey quills that were used for ink pens.
Photo-Etch - A term used to describe the process of deep-etching a design into steel. The design may be color filled in one or more colors.
Pickbone - A term used by collectors to describe jigged bone.
Pile Side - This term is used for the back (opposite the front or mark) side of a knife, the side facing away from the user.
Pocket Worn - A product line of Case knives hafted with extra hand-finishing to give a smooth, comfortable feel to the handles.
Point-of-Purchase Display - Used by retailers to display Case products in their stores; usually a wooden or cardboard display.
Polished Edge - The manufacturing process of polishing the edge of a honed blade to remove the burrs or wire edge.
Pollywog - The spring used in a lockback knife.
Pommel - A term used for the butt or butt cap on a fixed blade knife.
Pruner - A Hawkbill blade, usually large, used for pruning purposes and designed for a "pull cut".
Punch Blade - A blade designed for drilling or punching holes in leather, belts, and harnesses. It was also used on wood for screws.

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