Shepherd Hills Exclusive History by Handle
10 Dot Collection

125th Anniversary

2006 Calendar Series
2023 National Wild Turkey Federation

3 Cross Black Curly Maple

3 Cross Shield

50th Anniversary

Alaska Series Designs by Linda Karst

Alpine Green Synthetic

Amber Bone SS
Amber Vintage Bone

Amber/Natural Bone

American Cities
American President's Series

American States

Antique Bone - Blade Work
Antique Bone Kneeling Cross

Antique Peachseed Jigged Bone

Antique River Log
Antique Smooth Bone

Armed Forces

Autumn Bone
Aviator® Series


Barber Series
Bermuda Green

Black Bone

Black Jigged Synthetic
Black Synthetic Exclusives CS

Black Synthetic Exclusives SS

Blaze Orange
Bloodline Outdoors TV

Blue Cloud Kneeling Cross

Blue Curly Maple
Blue Metallic Stingray


Bonestag Worked Backspring
Bose - Reid Tour

Brass Script Autumn Bone

Brass Script Cabernet Bone
Brass Script Calypso Bone

Brass Script Kentucky Bluegrass

Brown Bone
Brushed Steel

Bubba Gum

Bubba Gum-Polka Dot
Bull Riders

Burgundy Synthetic

Burnt Sugar Bone
Burnt White Bone

C. Platts Walnut Bone

Calypso Bone
Candy Cane Bone

Candy Stripe Celluloid

Caramel Bone
Carhartt - Brown G-10

Caribbean Blue Bone Sawcut

Caribbean Blue Smooth Bone
Case Bros. Antique Bone

Case Celebration in the Ozarks

Case Collector
Case Ultimate Sportsman Matt Hughes

Chestnut Jigged Bone

Chestnut Smooth Bone
Chocolate Bone


Cigar Bands
Civil War Series

Classic Green Bone

Cocobolo Wood
Commemorative Sets

Cotton Candy

Crimson Bone
Cross Center Bolster

Cross Shield

Cross Shield Antique Smooth Bone
Cross Shield Bright Green Bone

Cross Shield Cabernet Bone

Cross Shield Caribbean Blue Bone
Cross Shield Chestnut Bone

Cross Shield Chestnut Smooth Bone

Cross Shield English Walnut
Cross Shield Natural Bone

Cross Shield Periwinkle Bone

Cross Shield Personalized
Cross Shield Sunset Orange Bone

Curly Oak

Dark Molasses Bone
Dark Red Script

Dark Red Smooth Bone

Dated Shield Program
Decade Finale

Deep Canyon Dark Red Bone

Desert Ironwood
Disassembled Mint Sets


Dragon Series Designs by Linda Karst
Driftwood Bone

Ducks Unlimited

Ebony Swirl Wood
Election 2016

Electric Storm Bone

Elephant Ivory
Emerald Green Bone

Ertl Collectibles

Ertl Exclusives
Especially For Dad!

Event Knives

Exotic Jade and Coral
Exotic Service Ribbon

EZ Open

EZ Open - Bubba Gum
EZ Open - Orange

EZ Open - Yellow Synthetic

Fall Series Designs by Linda Karst
Family Brands Trappers

Family Series

Father's Day Exclusives
Fish & Game Series

Flora and Fauna

Freedom Series
Genuine Stag

Giraffe Bone

Gold Sparkle
Gold Sparkle Christmas Edition

Goldenrod Bone

Gray Bone
Green Apple

Green Jigged Bone

Halloween Designs
Heavenly Blue Bone

Heavenly Natural Bone

Heavenly Old Red Bone
Heavenly Salmon Bone

Himalayan Rams Horn

Holiday Exclusives
Holiday Knives

Holidays - Past

Horseshoe Shield
Horseshoe Shield - Antique

Horseshoe Shield Smooth Bone

Hunter Green Stainless Steel Damascus
I Heart You Series

Image XX - Personalized

Image XX Cattleman
Image XX Currency

Image XX Exclusive

Image XX Holiday Series
Image XX Razor

Image XX Wanted XX Series

Indian Paint Brush
Inlay Chestnut/Natural

Inlay Natural/Red

Jade Bone
Job Bolster Series

Job Case Series

Karst Angel
Karst Original Scrimshaw

Kentucky Bluegrass Bone

Kingman Turquoise w/Bronze
Kirinite™ Ivory

Kirinite™ Orange Starlight

Kirinite™ Pink Ice
Kneeling Cross Series

Knives of Faith

Knives of Faith - Personalized
Koa Wood

Kristina Original Scrimshaw

Lebanon Commemorative
Left Handed Burnt Walnut

Left Handed Cabernet

Left Handed Dark Green
Letterhead Series Black/Natural

Lime Green Bone



Magenta Bone
Magician's Knives

Mammoth Ivory

Mammoth Tooth
Mammoth Tooth - Magenta

Mammoth Tooth with Black Onyx

Marty Stuart

Mediterranean Blue Bone

Mermaid Series Designs by Linda Karst
Midnight Stag

Midnight Tested XX Bone

Moon Glo
Mosaic Opal


Mother-of-Pearl Case XX on bolster
Mountain Bone

Multi-Color Multi Jigged

National Wild Turkey Federation
Native American Series

Natural Bone

Natural Bone Bullet Shield
Natural Bone Damascus

Natural Bone No Shield

Navy Blue Bone
Numbered & Scrolled

Occupation Series

Old Red Jigged Bone
Old Red Smooth Bone

Old Red Smooth Bone PVD

Olive Green Bone
Orange County Choppers™


Ostrich Bone
Our Family


Pearl Damascus
Pearl Premier

Pearl Shield Trapper

Persimmon Orange Smooth Bone
Personalized Hunting

Pilot Test Run

Pink Checker Board
Pink G-10

Pirate Series

Pitch Black
Pocket Worn® Antique Jigged Bone

Pocket Worn® Aquamarine

Pocket Worn® Bermuda Green
Pocket Worn® Caribbean Blue

Pocket Worn® Harvest Orange

Pocket Worn® Red
Prime XX Stag

Printers Blocks

Prism Toothpick - Damascus
Prism Toothpick - SS

Purple Bone

Purple Synthetic
Quilting Series

Rams Horn - Merino

Red Bone
Red Bone - Spectrum

Red Bone CV

Red Box Elder Wood
Red Checker Board

Red Stag

Red Stag-Damascus
Red Storm Bone

Red/Green Smooth Bone

Salmon Smooth Bone

Sambar Stag

Sambar Stag-Second Cut
Sawcut Dark Red Bone

Serrated Caribbean Blue

Serrated Moss Green
Serrated Purple Bone

Shamrock - Center Bolster

Shamrock Shield
SHC 40th Anniversary

Shepherd Hills Collectors' Club

Show Exclusives
Smooth Pink Delrin

Spiney Oyster

Spiney Oyster-Purple
Starlight Kirinite™

Starlight Pink-Blue

Sterling Silver

Sunflower Synthetic

Super Saver
Taffy Stripe Celluloid

Tang Stamp Transition

Tattoo Series
Terra Cotta

Test Production Run Knives

Tested Red Bone
Tested XX 10 Dot Anniversary Series

Tested XX® Natural Bone

Tie Dyed Bone
Tiny Collection

'Tis the Season Sale

Transition Series
Transition Shield


Turkey & Tracks Series

Ultra Violet

Unclaimed Event Knives
United We Stand

V-42 Collectibles

Vietnam Series
Vintage Bone

Walnut Bone Damascus

Whale Series Designs by Linda Karst
Whiskey Bone

White Synthetic

Wild West Series Designs by Linda Karst
Wilfred Works

Winterbottom - Dark Amber

Worm Groove Bone - Amber
WR Case Anniversary Knives

Yellow Jigged Bone

Yellow Jigged Delrin
Yellow Micarta

Yellow Synthetic CS

Yellow Synthetic SS
Yellowhorse Custom

Yellowhorse Custom - Apache Boulder

Yellowhorse Custom - Black Mammoth Tooth
Yellowhorse Custom - Cholla Cactus/Turquoise

Yellowhorse Custom - Crosscut Mammoth

Yellowhorse Custom - Dragon Wing Fordite
Yellowhorse Custom - Elk Candy Cane Fordite

Yellowhorse Custom - Exotic Patriotic

Yellowhorse Custom - Freedom Eagle
Yellowhorse Custom - Halloween

Yellowhorse Custom - Kingman Vein

Yellowhorse Custom - Kingman Vein Apache Gold
Yellowhorse Custom - Mammoth Tooth Prism

Yellowhorse Custom - Mother-of-Pearl

Yellowhorse Custom - Prism
Yellowhorse Custom - Tri Mammoth Tooth-Tusk-Tibia


Zodiac Series Designs by Linda Karst
Zombie Series Designs by Linda Karst


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